Redcliffe Community Zone

Works update

With TBM Grace having arrived at Redcliffe Station in early May, scheduled maintenance works on the machine, including the fitting of a new screw conveyor, are now underway. TBM Sandy is expected to break through into the station box in early June and will undergo the same month-long maintenance program.

While the works will be mainly within the station box, they will mark the commencement of 24-hour operations at the site. The electric tower crane, recently erected onsite, may be used during the maintenance period to lower larger equipment (like the screw conveyors) into the station box.

Since the start of tunnelling in 2017, tunnel segments have been transported from Forrestfield to the TBMs by multi-service vehicles (MSVs). From June onward, and for the remainder of the TBMs’ journey to Bayswater, the tunnel segments will be trucked to Redcliffe and lowered into the station box by the tower crane, with MSVs carting the segments through the tunnels to the TBMs.

At the construction site of the station’s car park, located near Central Avenue and Second Street, land has been cleared and the first round of compaction completed. Drainage and electrical pit installation work has recently been finalised and road base works have commenced. This will continue to the end of May, with sealing and asphalting to occur in June.

The car park will be used as a lay-down area until it is officially opened. The finishing touches, such as line markings and landscaping, will not be completed until later in the construction program.

Redcliffe Station

Redcliffe Station will be an underground station similar to Elizabeth Quay Station. The railway in this location will be fully underground, running inside the tunnel.

The station will benefit the community and surrounding catchment area by providing a bus/train interchange and car park with 500 bays, and allow for a 15-minute journey to the Perth CBD by rail. The station will also service future business and residential developments.

To find out more, view the Redcliffe Station fact sheet.

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The project team is working closely with local government to ensure the new station compliments their vision for the future of the local area. For more information about local planning visit the City of Belmont's website

Redcliffe Community Group

Engagement with local businesses and residents remains a focus for the project team. To help ensure we remain aware of local issues, the project team has established community advisory groups for each of the project's community zones.

At these meetings, members are presented with design information and details of project progress, and asked to provide feedback, guidance and local knowledge during site establishment and early construction works; this is inclusive of the cross passage construction works near the First St/Brearley Ave intersection.

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When the TBMs arrive at Redcliffe Station


The number of parking bays at Redcliffe Station

15 minutes

The rail journey from Redcliffe Station to the CBD

10 minute

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The number of bus bays at Redcliffe Station