Bayswater Junction

Construction update

During two 56-hour shutdowns in February and March the final shift of the Midland Line tracks was completed and the new section of the alignment commissioned. These tracks are now located in their permanent locations just south of their original location, following temporary relocation in December 2017 to make room for the construction of the Bayswater Junction dive structure.

A further shutdown will be required to tie-in rail systems (e.g. signalling, communications) in early 2022. Preceding this, a series of nightworks is scheduled for November and December:

Dates and hours of work Activity and equipment

Between Sunday November 28 to Saturday December 9

10pm to 4am


  • Signalling works


  • Hand tools and elevated work platform

Tuesday December 21 to Friday December 24

12am to 4am


  • Track tamping


  • Tamper and ballast regulator


Works also continue on the principal shared path (PSP) alongside Whatley Crescent. This includes compaction, asphalting and landscaping.

The section of the PSP located within the site boundary will remain closed until all construction is completed, with the current diversion along Whatley Crescent staying active. While work and heavy vehicle movement is still ongoing, this is the safest option for cyclists and pedestrians.

At the eastern end of the site, the 25kV Track Sectioning Cabin has been connected to the overhead power supply infrastructure within the dive structure. Located next to the Bayswater tunnel portal building, automated switches within the cabin control the 'neutral zone', a non-electrified section between the Airport and Midland lines.

Works are also wrapping up in and around the portal building, with earthworks and drainage installation underway on the outside and commissioning activities in the lead up to the final energisation ongoing on the inside.

Bayswater Junction

Bayswater Junction refers to the area of rail reserve between Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent (from Cobden Street to Guildford Road) where the Airport Line spurs off the Midland Line and trains will enter/exit the twin-bored tunnels.

Bayswater Junction includes:

  • dive structure (an underground, open-air structure which leads towards the tunnel portal),
  • rail overpass (located above the dive structure, where trains travelling on the Midland Line will cross the Airport Line),
  • tunnel portal (underground structure where trains travelling on the Airport Line will enter/exit the tunnels), and
  • supporting infrastructure (tunnel portal building).

View a map of the Bayswater Junction design - western section (3.2MB)

View a map of the Bayswater Junction design - eastern section (6MB)

Bayswater Station

The new Bayswater Station will become a major transport hub with the Airport and Morley-Ellenbrook lines connecting to the Midland Line here.

To reflect its importance as an interchange station and heart of the Bayswater town centre, the station is undergoing a major upgrade, including additional rail infrastructure between Bayswater and Meltham stations to allow trains to turn around.

The METRONET team and the City of Bayswater are working together to create a precinct and station upgrade that provides the best outcomes for the network and local community.

For more information on the Bayswater Station project visit the METRONET website


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