Airport Central Station

Construction update

With the roof in place, major structural works are starting to wind up and building finishes are taking centre stage at Airport Central Station.

Below ground, at concourse level, fit-out of the 35m-long and 15m-high triple-system escalator is underway.

At platform level, floor tiling is underway and final touches are being applied to the ceiling panels.

Other activities across all levels include cable pulling, installation of permanent and emergency lights, painting of walls and epoxy painting of floors.

Construction of the Skybridge between the airport terminals and the station reached practical completion in early 2020. Once operational, the elevated walkway will provide undercover access to Airport Central Station. From this point, passengers will be able to travel by escalator or lift down to the concourse level.

Within the station forecourt permanent civil works are in full swing, resulting in the construction site footprint slowly shrinking as work areas are turned back into car parking bays and roads.

Also underway is the installation of cladding around the above-ground ventilation fans. Six fans have been installed at the western and eastern sides of the station building above the tunnels. Capable of pushing 70 cubic metres of air per second into either direction they will assist with tunnel pressurisation and, in the case of a fire, smoke extraction.

Airport Central Station

With air passenger traffic more than doubling in the past decade, Perth Airport is undergoing a major redevelopment, which includes relocating and consolidating the domestic and international terminals by 2025. This presents a unique opportunity to integrate the redevelopment with the new Airport Line via a station at the central terminal site.

Once operational, passengers will be able to travel by train to the airport, stopping at the underground Airport Central Station currently under construction near the control tower at Perth Airport.

Airport Central Station will create a seamless journey from the airport terminals via the Skybridge, an elevated and enclosed walkway featuring travellators and lifts. Passengers will enter the station via the walkway and travel by lift or escalator down to the concourse level, where the station facilities including ticketing are located. They will then continue through the SmartRider fare gates down to the platform level to meet the train.  

View an animation of the future Skybridge.

To find out more, view the Airport Central Station fact sheet.

Artist's impressions

The below artist's impressions provide an overview of what the station and precinct may look like in the future.

18 minutes

The rail journey from Airport Central Station to the CBD


enclosed walkway between the station and terminals

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