Tunnel segments

Approximately 9000 rings of concrete are required to build the tunnels for the Forrestfield-Airport Link. A local warehouse has been transformed into a segment facility to allow the rings to be made locally. For more information about production view the tunnel segment fact sheet


Pre-cast segments

The pre-cast segments are constructed using steel moulds, specifically designed to meet the specifications of this project. A carousel system is used to move the moulds through various workstations. After demoulding, cleaning, reinforcement installation and concreting, the moulds are conveyed into a heated tunnel for accelerated curing. Segments are then painted, stored and later transported to the Forrestfield dive structure, along Dundas Road. A purpose-built multi service vehicle (MSV) is used to transport the segments to the tunnel boring machines.

Testing the concrete

As part of preparations for the manufacture of the pre-cast segments, the concrete undergoes a series of tests to ensure it meets the required standards for strength and durability.
Prior to installing the first segment rings fire testing on the concrete for this project was completed in Victoria, Australia and Germany. 



The number of segments used to create one ring


The number of six-segment ring sets to be produced